Rose 2022 may be over, that does not mean we can’t look back with fond memories. One thing that was awesome was twisted beanstalk painting class.

Rose 2018

For so many being taught by one of the most unique painters in the industry is just a dream.

But for some they got to live that dream.

Not only did they spend time working on their baby.

But they got to be with Shanine.

Which everyone knows is a laugh.

Rose 2018

The class itself seems packed with fun, concentration and just friends hanging out.

How can it really be called a class when it feels nothing like school.

Rose 2018

This was more hanging out with friends learning new things.

I can not imagine leaving there without laughing at some point during the day.

Rose 2018

If you didn’t manage to get the class this year don’t worry.

There is always next year.

Rose 2018

Rose 2018

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