So today is the big day. The Victoria Doll Show is about to start!

The raffle table is set up with loads of awesome prizes, donated by some truly amazing people.

The grand prize of course is Bonnie Browns Levi.

Isn’t he such a cutie.

I just love his little face.

Victoria doll show

Bonnie also donated a second prize to the raffle table.

A lily rose baby.

Victoria doll show

As well as these two prizes there are also blank kits to win.

Like this one donated by Anne Lucas.

Victoria doll show

And these other cuddle kits from Ros Nunan.

Victoria doll show

As well as these there is Dolly donated by Tinas Tiny Treasures.

Victoria doll show

Bauble baby by Crafty Babies.

Victoria doll show

Last but by absolutely no means least, is this stunning handmade outfit from Cathy Godden.

Good luck to all entering and a huge thank you to everyone who donated items.

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