This is clearly going to be something that is different for different people.

For me personally it goes beyond the normall thing of making a good, realistic baby.

For me it is also good service, good communication and a willingness to work with the customer to make the whole process smooth and as stressless as possible.

Creating a reborn baby is a very personal thing for both the new mummy and the artist.

The artist, if they are good want to give the new mummy the baby that they have in their minds eye.

They want the new mummy to be pleased and the love the baby, that is afterall the reason they do this. The reason they spend hours upon hours creating a baby.

It is also the reason that us mummies spend the money we do on these babies to make sure we get the baby that we love.

So a good artist must stay in good regular communication with the customer, they must be easy to get in touch with.

For any new mummy it is a nervous time waiting for your new baby to be made and regular contact to check that everything is going as planned is so important.

It is also in my opinion very important that the artist can be flexible.

This is more in reagrds to payment than anything else.

Reborns are expensive, its a fact, but if you have an artist that will work with you to make a payment plan, for some people it would make their dream of owning one much more possible.

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