Now that I have my reborn baby kit on the way, the next thing I want to get are the paints.

I know that there are at least two types to choose between.

Either Genesis heat set, rebornfx air dry or Josonjas air dry paints.

Genesis heat set seem to be the most popular so I did some research to see what I could find out about them.


“Genesis® Heat-Set Artist Oil colors or Genesis Heat Set Paints (GHSP) are a time-tested staple in reborning because these permanent and waterproof colors adhere well to vinyl and allow the artist ample time to paint and tweak her work before heat- curing the paint.

Though acrylic paints are growing in popularity, many of us old-timers have stuck with the Genesis because it has been around for decades and has proven reliable over the years.

As a result most tutorials and workshops still use Genesis, so I always suggest beginners start there to learn the techniques before branching into newer forms of painting such as acrylics and powders. ” – extract from custombabydolls..

After doing some research on the air dry paints, it seems that the difference here is that you do not need to bake the baby in the oven, which eliminates the risk from emissions and fumes which could potentially be emmited while baking the vinyl.

So what would anyone suggest to use?

Which of the two types should I get?

To find out which kit I am going to be attempting to paint please click on the following link.


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