So like many of you, I was unable to attend the Kansas Doll Show this year.

Kansas Doll Show

So what do I think I’m missing out on by not going?

The simple answer is friends.

I have made several friends within the community and I know they are participating.

So having to watch shows from a distance isn’t always great.

But you know what, I still see what’s going on there through my friends and photos or videos of them at the time.

I already knew that Dolly Bingo would be great.

Early bird tickets are a brilliant idea, plus the gift pack is a great addition.

From the babies I’ve seen so far, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

There is also the opportunity to purchase accessories.

So yeah, I’m frustrated, I’m not going.

I just know it will be a huge success and there will be more demand next year.

So let’s see what this year brings and don’t worry, I’ll share as much as I can with you.

Well done, Jenny did a great job.

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