When we were kids, how many of you thought maybe one day your job would be a doll?

reborn baby

You’ll spend all day drawing reborn babies, writing about them, dressing them, and showing them off.

When it becomes normal to have headless baby corpses around your house.

For some of you this is just your daily life right now.

You know, it’s not a bad life.

I know there’s a lot of negativity in our community right now, but let’s not focus on them for now.

In fact, this is another article.

But there are also many positive aspects.

How many of you have made new friends because of your reborn baby?

There’s a good chance you’d never choose someone to meet in any other way.

I know I’ve met some people I’m happy to be in my life now.

I also made a life for myself in the community, to a degree anyway.

One of the best things about it is that I was able to do it all with my youngest daughter.

So as I grow in the community with the people I know and what I learn, so does she.

Our next challenge was to try out our own painting.

So if your days are full of babies, limbs all over the place, or you have a room full of immobile babies you talk to, don’t worry, aren’t you alone?

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