Many of you may already know that I am currently rehoming so many reborn babies.

I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why.

Rehoming so many reborn babies

Before I decided to rehome any of my babies my private collection was up to 26 babies.

For a time I was wanting a large collection and i’m not saying that I won’t want that again.

But for the time being I am feeling like me babies are not being held for weeks on end.

rehoming so many reborn babies

So it seemed only fair to offer other people the chance to welcome one of my babies into their nursery.

At the moment I do not really have a number of reborns in my mind that I want to keep as my own babies.

But I am not sure if it is a lapse or if I really have lost my emthusiasim for reborn babies.

I am still unsure yet if I want my collection to be large or to just have a few babies but particular babies only.

What do you all think?

Should I work on getting a large collection or keep it small.

What do you do?

If you are interested in seeing any of the babies I am currently selling, please use the link below.

Babies For sale

To join our Our Life With Reborns . group please use the link below

Our Life With Reborns . Group

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