Why Your Kids Should Have REBORN DOLLS?

All right new parents and parents with their first girls, you are definitely struggling about what kind of toy to buy for your precious little ones who you want to develop some critical thinking and emotional intelligence at their early age while playing, the most unintentional and delighted way of learning. The answer we would like to provide today is a DOLL.

“Uh? Wait a minute!” An exclamatory mark plus a question mark may emerge in your mind side by side. Probably the answer you are expecting to this question is some high-tech toys which are composed with complicated numbers, shapes and structures, and we perhaps need to think twice when trying to play with such toys.

Hmmm, is it that easy? Yes, and with a deep nod.

We see dolls every time walking into a toy shop. The aisle with those gorgeous toys is a shining pink and purple world filled with girls’ giggles. Most of time, I swear, you are unable to drag your girls out of the place without bring one home. However, please do not deny the function of a “simple” doll that can do to your kids. Yes, the most common toy may work the best for your beloved little ones in some way you may never think of.

Follow me and Let’s dig them out together.


We are talking about identity of the kids themselves and people surrounding them. As people are seeking their dreams around the world, immigration cannot be commoner than ever before. When your children go to kindergarten or pre-school, they may not only see people with the same skin color as them but variety. You should prepare that they may feel uncomfortable meeting other kids of different skin color from them.

However, the majority of DOLLS you can find in stores today are still white babies. But the good news is our doll series provide a range of skin colors, eye colors, hair colors and face shapes combination. Knowing ethnically diverse through getting familiar with all ethnical dolls at their early age could result in equal treatment to people when they grow up.


The profound, long-lasting benefit of playing dolls is learning responsibility, which no other toys could offer. Simply list out toys that jump up in your mind now, for sure none of them can mimic human beings in the realistic world. In the early childhood practices, kids should begin to face the real role that they are going to play in their future life.
“No man is an island.” as said John Donne. You could not live in your own world without interacting with someone. The most precious character a kid could build up is responsivity. However, at such young age, they have no chance to pay responsivity to a real person and more importantly, they are unable to. Baby dolls, at this moment, take a significant place.

Our dolls are made with non-toxic, high-quality and skin-like silicone. The velvety softness could convey a message to your children that they should give the other little ones a gentle touch. Also, the 12 inch size is wonderful for toddlers and older kids to cuddle in their tiny arms. And you, as parents, will surprisingly find out how they are imitating the way you nurture them.

Fine Motor Skills

Parents can teach kids that if they do treasure their baby dolls, they should take good care of them. And one of the best ways is to make sure all items are arranged in place, so they will not suffer losing the baby dolls’ feeding bottles when you girls think it is the time to treat them a meal.

Fine motor skills can be acquired at an early age as soon as they start to walk and can move around easily by themselves. Dolls’ accessories play a critical role here. Our collection offers a variety of soft accessories: a removable outfit (including a cap and a pair of socks), a removable diaper, a pacifier, a feeding bottle, a bath tub and a potty. So, the doll right now in front of your girl is not just a simple plush toy. It involves tremendous opportunities for them to refine their motor skills in a joyful way.

Putting the pacifier on and off is probably the first motor skill that girls could interact with the cute dolls. And just tell you parents a secret that most of the kids will get addicted to the funny pacifier sucking noise when it attaches onto the doll’s tiny mouth mouth , especially for kids who can be easily assumed with all kinds of weird sounds.

Feeding comes next to the pacifier skill since the bottles are their best “friend” which they eager every day. To be honest, they are more familiar with bottles, spoons and bowls than diaper they are wearing every minute. As a result, kids are more like to utilize those accessories and mimic how their parents feed them each day.

Along with the above basic motor skills, girls can also acquire advanced ones such as removing and putting on clothes, bathing and even looping in the potty training. If they do happen to have a younger sister or brother in the near future, they would have already learned what to do when their moms are not around.

Social Skills

Don’t worry about that your girls may run out of ideas or accessories to their dolls and, as well, you won’t have to spend too much money on the dolls’ outfits. Your girls’ infant and toddler clothes which you have not given out or thrown away are just for this moment. Please do not hesitate to tell them that those clothes or shoes or whatever pretty stuff once belonged to them because this is a precious time to show them the joyfulness of sharing. If they do root it deep in heart or at least have an impression, sharing, the valuable character, will grow bigger and bigger throughout their lifetime.
Besides all the benefits we introduced above, our dolls are easy to clean and store. It is definitely an heirloom quality gift to your kids and will be their besties as soon as they meet them.

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