The 2022 Rose Doll Show was an amazing event.

As far as I can tell, there’s only one complaint, if you can call it a complaint, that the suppliers themselves really feel like they don’t have enough time to look around and shop for themselves.

rose doll show

2022 promises to be even better and bigger.

Now that the show is getting bigger and has to expand at this early stage, will that cause problems?

At the end of the day, venue size is venue size.

You can only accommodate a certain number of tables and booths.

I would say what needs to be avoided is the feeling of being squeezed inside.

How far can they expand if the lobby it’s currently in is too busy?

rose doll show

Has anyone been rejected as a Rose supplier because they don’t have space?

As the number of respawn communities continues to grow, this will also increase the pool of potential suppliers and buyers.

I hope the venue can accommodate such an evolving event and that it doesn’t become a competition between artists to get a table or booth for the event.

I’d love to see how big this is.

If things continue to develop, we may all have to get used to a new venue.

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