lifelike reborn baby doll for mothers day

22 inches lifelike baby doll

Surprise gifts for Moms on Mother’s Day

Are you thinking to buy a perfect gift for mom on mothers’ day? We have an excellent idea for you. Have you ever heard about realistic baby dolls? The lifelike dolls are reborn baby dolls and are made up of silicone or vinyl material and look like a real baby. Reborn a doll is amazing art!

You can present your mother with a realistic baby doll to join your family. It would be a great surprise for mom. Reborn baby dolls are best for new mothers who want to develop skills and adapt to life with a real child. These types of lifelike baby dolls are also used by pregnant women to practice and develop skills and even in preparatory training. Many midwives also prepare lessons with Reborn baby dolls.

lifelike baby doll for parenting training

These realistic babies are not just good looking to eyes, but they are also a symbol of perfect craftsmanship that we quickly fall in love with them. In addition to their attractive and beautiful appearance, the reborn baby dolls are also used as therapy tools for the treatment of various health conditions.

For instance, these dolls are used to reduce tension and depression, particularly in women. Most of the time specialists recommend using them for the treatment of depression but only under supervised therapy.

There are many types of reborn baby dolls by age, weight, size and even material used. You can buy newborns, twins, Preemie, toddlers, sleeping dolls, girls and boys and also a lot of accessories. Here are some of our suggestions depending on on the nature of mom you are going to gift these babies.

New Mom

For a new mom, newborn baby doll is a perfect gift. Gift the soft and delicate newborn baby to mom and let these babies start a new life with mom. These small, realistic babies with little features will make new moms happy and contented.

lifelike baby doll for new mom as gift

Experienced Mom

If there a mature mom and facing a new challenge in paternity, there is an excellent option of toddler dolls for them. These dolls have a wonderful, determined and energetic details and cute round face. These dolls look very lovely, and they are always ready to pose for a photograph.

28 inch baby doll diana 1 year old

28 inches 1-year-old baby doll Diana

Multi-Tasking Mom

Usually, moms are a multi-tasker, and we all better know this fact. For such skilled and courageous moms, the twin dolls are perfect for the gift on mother’s day. It will add up to provide double fun with twins. Nicely dressing up them in theme outfits and pushing them in the double stroller would the greatest enjoyable activity for mom and will bring a smile on the face of mom.

lifelike twins baby doll

Lifelike Baby Dolls Twins Carolina and Baily

Tired Mom

The usual problem with moms is the exhaustion and lack of sleep. To calm and relax the mom you can gift the sleeping baby dolls to mother. Lots of sleeping baby dolls are wonderfully dressed up in pajamas and ready for peaceful sleep.

super gifts baby doll for tired mom on 2019 mother's day

Mom who loves accessories

If mom already has reborn baby dolls, you can gift mom, the baby doll accessories. There are unlimited numbers of accessories which you can buy and gift to your mom. You can choose pacifier, a stylized baby blanket, stroller or any other you like to gift mom. These might be small things, but they will show them that you really care.

moms who love accessories

Baby doll clothes

Benefits of choosing Reborn baby dolls as a gift for mother on Mother’s Day

Reborn baby dolls are responsible for emotional relief and comfort to mothers. At first, these lifelike dolls were only popular among collectors and artists. Nowadays these dolls have gained much popularity amongst mothers.

Most of the mothers are those who have lost their children. The reason for lost babies can be any from stillbirth to miscarriage. Many pregnant women also carry these babies to develop habits and practice for enhancing skills for motherhood.

The mothers, who have passed through unexpected situations and lost their babies, suffer from trauma and melancholic condition. Such women probably don’t want to stay away from their loving ones, and they adapt to cling to these Reborn baby dolls.

The mothers hold their baby dolls and cuddle them just like their real babies. It reminds them of their babies. It creates an emotional attachment to them and relieves to depression. The mothers who lost their babies try to have a customized baby looking like their real baby.

New moms also use lifelike baby dolls to practice for childcare duties. Before childbirth, some women buy Reborn baby dolls to prepare for the real one. These baby dolls will allow them to adapt to the new life with real baby.

Most of the women nowadays love to keep reborn baby dolls. The mothers of all age groups like to have Reborn baby dolls because they are too hard to be ignored.

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