Jorge Alguilar has done it again with his absolutely breathtaking reborn gowns.

reborn gowns

This soft looking gown has been made so delicately that it will just suit any reborn baby girl.

I love both the colours and style of this gown.

It gives me the effect of the baby sitting in a bed of flowers, it is just so sweet.

Jorge has a truly amazing gift when it comes to making these gowns.

He just seems to know what is going to work and what is going to look sensational.

He has not disappointed, and if this is just a preview of the gowns we can expect from this range then all our banks are in trouble.

When every Jorge posts an item for sale they sell out in no time. Don’t miss your chance to get one.

Jorge you have a talent that none can deny and your gowns would be perfect for showing off any baby.

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