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Things to keep in mind while buying Realistic baby dolls

When it comes to baby dolls (reborn dolls), there are many different brands and production companies in the market. You need to know genuine and necessary information about realistic baby dolls before making your next purchase. It may seem very simple to choose one, but it is a bit tricky to find the best reborn baby doll.

A lot of things are unclear about realistic baby dolls. People may know that all these dolls are meant to be realistic, lifelike and look like a real baby but still, they are unable to understand the subtle differences among different types of baby dolls. Realistic baby dolls almost made of silicone, and sometimes may use cloth body to get a softer feeling.

Silicone baby dolls are different from other dolls and are extremely valued by owners. These types of dolls have elastic and very soft skin just like an infant.

We have some important things for you to consider before buying realistic silicone baby dolls. You need to choose the best baby doll for you keeping following aspects in your mind as regards to your budget, choice, and expectations.

You need to consider doll size

Doll size

The most important thing to ponder while buying silicone baby doll is the doll size. The realistic baby dolls are available in many different sizes. The smallest baby doll size up to 10 inches and the largest ones have size up to 28 inches and many other sizes in between. If you are looking for a newborn baby, its size will be in the range of 18 to 20 inches. The size of premature babies is around 16 inches, and the smallest 10 inches babies are always mini and can be placed on the palm of your hand. There are many other different sizes between these figures. You should ensure the size of the doll which you want to buy so that you will be happy after getting your order.

consider accessories of realistic baby dolls


It is another important thing which you need to keep in mind before buying realistic baby dolls. Decide and choose the accessories which you want to buy for your doll, or you can also look for a baby doll which already has clothing and other accessories with it . Such type of offer may seem great, but it can be associated with the high price of the doll, but it is purely your decision to check for the price before purchasing.

consider if realistic baby dolls can be washed or not

Waterproof / Washable

Many silicone baby dolls come up with washable and waterproof properties meaning that you can take them to the bath. Your kids can also enjoy playing with the baby dolls in the bathtub or taking them to shower. It can be a part of learning to your kids . It’s up to you, and you have to decide either you want this quality in your baby doll or not before purchasing. There are two types of silicone baby dolls, ie 1/4 cloth body(balance the soft feeling and real looking) and full silicone body dolls. Full silicone body dolls are washable, but cloth body dolls are not. Before buying, you need to read the feature form carefully.

Sit and stand features

There are many dolls which can sit and lay down without requiring any support, but there are many other dolls too which lack such features. You need to decide about it that either you want this feature or not and make your purchase accordingly.

Life-like characteristics

There are some realistic baby dolls which can breathe and carry out other lifelike interactions. This property enhances the realism and develops more reality in dolls. Still, many lack such features. The dolls with realistic features have high cost as compared to others. You can check the lifelike dolls and their life like features before buying your favorite baby dolls.

Cost of realistic baby dolls

You may assume that the price of silicone baby dolls is usually high because the material used for its creation is very costly. Besides, the process of making is also very hard. You must keep in view the fact that all these dolls are 100% hand made and they are the symbol of perfect modern craftsmanship. Some baby dolls are expensive due to particular features, quality of material and brand differences.

So the price may range from $100-$1000. Even some highly famous artists sell their creations for a couple of thousand dollars, and these reborn babies created by famous artists look real in every-inch skin!

reborn dolls made by famous artists

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find affordable and cheap silicone baby dolls. Some factories like Banydoll can cut down the cost of production with standard processes and pipeline operations created by experienced artists. Those baby dolls look real as well, but they can’t be as realistic as those made by famous artists themselves. If you purchase baby dolls as gifts for children and mom or enrich your baby dolls collection, these dolls from factories may meet your needs without running out your budget.

Before going to buy realistic baby dolls, outline your budget limit and check your range. You will surely get a lifelike baby doll for you without breaking your bank.

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, I hope you will find the best silicone baby doll for you. If you have any other point to consider for buying silicone baby dolls, share your views in comments below.

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