The Marc by Olga Auer reborn sculpt is one of the most stunning babies I have ever seen.

He is heartbreakingly cute.

Marc by Olga Auer

Marc and his twin Mary are some of the most adorable babies ever made.

The kit you buy will be a blank vinyl kit by Olga Auer.

Marc is really good length when completed he measures 20 inches.

The limbs on this baby are awesome as both the arms and legs on this kit are full.

Marc by olga auer

Marcs’ eyes are really sweet. As he is an open eyed kit, you will need ti purchase a pair of 20mm eyes.

This kit does require a soft cloth body which will need to be purchased seperatly.

The kits consist of head, full arms, full legs, certificate.

Marc by olga auer

The full price for this kit currently is $89.99 plus shipping.

Marc by olga auer

If you love this sculpt as much as I do and want to welcome your own into your nursery and heart, then use the link below to go to Truborns.

Buy your gorgeous Marc from Truborns here!

If this kit isn’t for you, then why not have a look at other sculpts using the link below to see a full list.

Marc by olga auer

Other reborn sculpts available

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