Introducing the Peanut by Priscilla Lopes sculpt.

Peanut by Priscilla Lopes

This is the stunning debut vinyl kit by Priscilla Lopes.

Peanut was sculpted after Pierson (brother of Levi), and is simply amazing!

Every tiny detail is simply perfect.

Peanut is an ideal newborn size being 20 inches when complete.

This little treasure has full limbs, allowing you to pose him any way you wish with limited chance of his cloth body showing.

As Peanut is a sleeping baby his eyes are closed meaning that you do not need to purchase any eyes for this kit.

Peanut by Priscilla lopes

With this kit a tummy plate is optional. If you do decide to buy one for your peanuts, it could help with your babies’ realisim.

As an added advantage the cloth body required for this kit comes included in the price. No need to buy seperate.

At the moment the edition size of this kit has not been decided.

So we are awaiting the news of whether it will be a limited edition or an open edition.

The current price for this kit is $99.99.

If you like this baby and want to own your own Peanut, please use the link below to head over to Truborns.

Peanut by Priscilla lopes

Buy your own Peanut kit from Truborns here.

If this isn’t the kit for you and you would like to see what else is available, use the link below to see our full list.

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