The Alina by Linde Scherer sculpt is really amazing.

Alina by Linde Scherer

The features on this little one are so cute.

From the little fingers to stunning mouth expression, I think that this sweetheart would be a good addition to any nursery.

With the current average price if $69.95 it is quite a reasonable price to pay.

The completed baby from this kit will measure 20 imches, making it a lovely newborn size.

Alina by Linde Scherer

With 3/4 limbs as always I would personally recommend choosing clothing that will cover any of the cloth body that is showing.

As this is an open eyed kit you will need to add some eyes.

The size for the Alina by Linde Scherer is 20mm.

A cloth body will also be needed meaning that you can enjoy hours of cuddle time.

Personally I love this kit as a girl but I just know that it could easily be made into a super cute boy.

Alina by Linde Scherer

Basic Kit Details

Current Average Price: $69.95
Size: 20″
Head Circumference: ”
Arms: 3/4
Legs: 3/4
Eye Size: 20mm
Body: Can be Added
Tummy: N/A
Cloth Body: Can be added
Edition: Open
Vinyl: New Light, Firm Head with Soft Limbs – Made in Germany

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