I have just found another sculpt that I wanted to share with you all.
Andrea by Linde Scherer.

This kit is a very sweet kit and has really nice features.

Andrea by Linde Scherer

The average current price for this sweetie is $69.95

This price is about normal for a baby so it is fine.

A completed baby is 20 inches in length, making for a really good sized baby.

The head circumference for this little one is 13.8 inches.

Again is a lovely size and would fit nicely into the crook of your elbow for a really nice cuddle.

Andrea by Linde Scherer

This kit has 3/4 limbs which means that I would pwrsonally recommend a minimum of shorts or skirts. For the arms I would avoid strappy tops.

As the Andrea by Linde Scherer sculpt is an open eyed baby you will of course need to purchase eyes as well.

For this kit you will need eyes that are 20mm.

As for the body, this little one has a soft cloth body so you can cuddle with your little completed baby for as long as you would like without really noticing they are there.

Andrea by Linde Scherer

So far I have only seen this baby as a girl, but would love to see a completed boy of this kit.

It is one that I would certainly consider adding to my own collection one day.

Basic Kit Details

Current Average Price: $69.95
Size: 20″
Head Circumference: 13.8″
Arms: 3/4
Legs: 3/4
Eye Size: 20mm
Body: Can be Added
Tummy: N/A
Cloth Body: Can be added
Edition: Open
Vinyl: New Light, Firm Head with Soft Limbs – Made in Germany

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