Am I the only one who feels that they never get any luck when it comes to competitions or any helping hands or pieces of luck when you try to enter things, that it always happens to someone else.

Always happens to someone else

I know that I have never won any giveaway that I have entered, so when I do my own giveaways I do know how it feels when you do not win.

I have been on that side of it.

Now I do not think I should get something for nothing and have not asked for that.

This was more of an observational thing really.

But I do like to think of it in other ways as well.

Firstly, to enter these giveaways are either free or with a very minimal fee to enter.

Always happens to someone else

So really nothing lost there.

Next is that someone has to win, so to even stand a chance you have to be in it.

Also it’s about making friends and meeting more people within the community.

So no I never win, but will I stop entering?


I will always just for the fun it can bring if nothing else.

Am I the only one that feels like this?

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