I couldn’t be happier to tell you that reborn artist Bobbi Barfoot has confirmed that she will be attending Rose Doll Show 2022.

Rose doll show 2019

This years show was an amazing experience for her so it is no surprise that she will be returning next year.

Bobbi is a super talented artist so it doesn’t surprise me that she sold all her completed babies on the first day on this years show.

Bobbi has such talent and eye for detail that every baby she makes is an absolute treasure.

Rose doll show 2019

Anyone that has seen her babies in person will know just how amazing the babies are to cuddle.

I truly do not know how she ever manages to sell any of her babies.

I would struggle with it as I know that I would create a bond with the baby.

Rose doll show 2019

The realisim that Bobbi manages is create is simply stunning.

It amazes me that she can produce the amount of babies to the high level quality that she does as well as run her house and her buisness.

So if you haven’t been lucky enough to see Bobbis work in person, then it would be worth coming next year.

To check out Bobbis website use the link below.

To see Bobbis website Truborns click here

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