Dates for the Rose Doll Show 2022 have now been revealed and we can now book tickets for all the awesome events during the show.

Rose doll show 2019

Deciding which tickets to buy could be an issue, but whilst looking at the tickets I noticed that each day of the floor show requires a new ticket.

Is this normal?

For some reason I thought that one ticket would get you access to both days.

So now I am left with three choices.

Buy tickets for Fridays floor show, tickets for Saturdays floor show or tickets for both days.

Rose doll show 2019

Now in an ideal world I would be buying tickets for both days.

But as I am buying for two people the price for this of course rises.

So it leads me to have to stop and think now.

The first days floor show obviously has the most babies to choose from.

Do people do anything different on the second day of the floor show?

I would love to hear back from people whether this is normal for the show or if this is new this year.

Also I would love to hear if there is anything different on day two that makes it worth going to.

Rose doll show 2019

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