The gorgeous Amy by Sandy Faber sculpt is now available to own.

amy by sandy faber

This baby measures 22 inches when completed.

With a head with a circumference of 15.35 inches, this scuplt makes a really good sized baby.

The Amy by Sandy Faber has 3/4 limbs, personally I would not put a baby with limbs this size into anything smaller than t shirt sleeves and shorts.

amy by sandy faber

amy by sandy faber

As this is an open eyed sulpt it requires 20mm eyes which are sold separately.

A soft body is needed for this kit.

The body can be purchased separately.

The full price for this kit is currently $89.99.

This kit is produced in Germany in a Peach colored Vinyl.

amy by sandy faber

You can buy your own Amy kit by using the link provided below.

to buy Amy

If this sculpt isn’t for you, don’t worry, why not have a look at all the other kits that are available using the link below.

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