The reborn community is growing, and most would say that’s a good thing.

Rebirth Kit

But really? ?

As the number of people now collected continues to grow, it has created more and more kits to choose from.

But while having a choice is a good thing, does it really hinder the artist’s rebirth?

Now let me explain why…

New kits appear almost every day that increase the choice of engraving types and artists to create babies.

The number of kits leads me to believe it’s harder for artists to get the price they really ask for their skills and treasures.

Rebirth Kit

Artists have to try to compete with other artists to sell, and to do this, they have to keep the price of the baby to an absolute minimum.

Now I know everyone loves to haggle, but your haggling can affect an artist’s life.

It may take a true artist months to get a baby right, hours and hours of hard labor, but it is a labor of love.

But a truly realistic rebirth requires dedication from the artist, who must buy supplies for the baby before it begins.

For example, just buying some kits can cost close to £100.

They pay attention to details that cannot be ignored or ignored.

So the artists asked what they felt was fair to their children.

With so many kits on the market these days, this is not always possible.

If two artists had babies sold in the same kit and their prices were 100 times different, how many of us would buy the more expensive one.

So that’s something I think we have to work on.

That’s what the artist’s price is.

For a true reborn that looks super realistic, it would be unfair to the artist to think you can get a piece of this quality cheaply.

So while it’s nice to have a lot of kits to choose from, it’s not so great that some artists may feel overwhelmed or forced to sell their babies at almost cost.

So enjoy your options no matter what, but try not to let it hinder artists and affect their own lives, as there is hardly any profit in their working hours and hours.

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