Elly Knoops’ Amy look has to contain some of the most amazing eyes I’ve seen on a reborn baby.

Amy of Elly Knoops

Measuring about 21 inches when finished, this little princess is no small kit.

She has the ability to be a pudgy little guy.

Her head circumference is 15.5 inches, which gives her a proper head to pose and style with rooted hair.

The limbs on this kit are 3/4, which means I recommend she wears a skirt or shorts.

Because she needs a soft cloth body and it is important to cover her body in order to keep this little thing realistic, she is not very suitable for diaper photos.

Amy of Elly Knoops

She uses 20mm eyes, which contributes to the effect of big eyes.

I really like this little guy stuff.

The price for this kit is very reasonable as it’s only $69.99.

If you do like this little guy, you’re in luck, since she’s an open-edition kit, it should be easy to find one.

The vinyl used to make this is the new Light Leather Vinyl – Made in Germany.

If you would like to find your own kit, please use the link below.

Amy by Elly Knoobs

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