This sweet little kit is the Babett by Ulrike Gall sculpt.

Babett by Ulrike Gall

It has to be one of the babies with the most expression that I have seen.

Although this kit may be small, it makes up for it in character.

Measuring around 16″ this little one is classed as a preemie baby.

The full price for this kit is currently $89.99.

Babett by Ulrike Gall

This sculpt has 3/4 limbs, for which I would personally recommend dtessing this baby in nothing shorter than tops with sleeves and shorts or skirts.

This will help maintain the realisim.

This kit has been made from real skin vinyl, which trust me is not as weird as the name suggests.

It is a limited edition sculpt with only 700 worldwide.

If you like this kit and would like your own, then you can check out if it is avalible using this link.

Babett by Ulrike Gall

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