Our baby artists are the heart of this community.

Baby artists

Without them where would we be?

There would be no dolls to look at, no collection to have.

But yet they are not always treated as they should be.

Baby artists

With many people wanting their dolls at next to no cost we will lose our artists.

Why would they continue to put all the work into these babies to get nothing out of it.

Baby artists

I do know that people on the whole do not have much money these days, but that also does apply to the artists.

They need the sales of the babies to help keep them in front as well.

For the most part I feel that most of the rights are given to the buyer.

Baby artists

But is this really fair?

With artists also being scammed, shouldn’t we find a fairer way of doing this.

I love artists, I think they are amazing people, truly talented and so creative.

If we don’t want to lose them, then we have to show them all how much we value them.

Baby artists

We also need to find a way that they can have the protection that they deserve.

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