Reborn blog 1st October.

Reborn blog

Can you believe we are in October now?

It seems this year is flying past.

Due to the weather changing and in preparation for the snow which will come within the next few weeks I have had to move my room.

Reborn blog

So I am now downstairs in my house to try and keep the house warmer without it costing a fortune.

So as well as bringing all my clothes and furniture downstairs, I also of course brought all my babies down.

Reborn blog

I decided to just limit what I brought down to the babies and a cot for them.

That way I keep the base of the nursery where it was, and of course I can go upstairs at any time to get any thing I need.

But I needed to have the babies themselves in a place that was not going to be cold.

Reborn blog

I do love having the babies in my room as well.

I think that may be due to moving the nursery around so much to so many different rooms.

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