Reborns are an expensive hobby to get into.


Reborn babies can cost a lot of money with prices going up to over $1000.

So do you think they are really worth the price?

Well each baby takes hours upon hours to put together.

You also have the cost of the kit for each baby which depending on which sculpt it is the price can vary alot.


The price of supplies for making the baby, which includes paints, sponges, weighting, rooting needles, hair for rooting, clothing for the babies home coming.

Also the filling for the baby and any accessories.

So after all the spendage what else is included.

Well you are also paying for the hours upon hours upon hours of hard work that the artist puts into your baby.

It does take alot of time to make your baby look as realistic as possible.

So it is the skill that you are buying.

As well as all the above you will also be paying for the expertise of the artist.

Although you may not think that you should pay for the years of previous work your artist has, but I think that you do as it is what helps make your baby the amazing work that it is.

So are reborn babies worth the prices asked for them?

In truth, although it may seem like a lot, yes the price is well worth it.

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