Kansas Doll Show 2022 may be over and now we can not wait until we are able to book for next year.

Kansas doll show

Thanks to the success of this years show, next years is bound to sell out even faster.

How many of you that went this year will 100% be booking to go next year?

Those of you that couldn’t go this year will you be going next year?

Kansas doll show

It is never too soon to begin planning for the show, so that as soon as it does become available to book you are able to.

We do know currently that it will at least be in September.

This will make it easy for creators at least to work out their work schedule to get all the items they would want to take planned out.

Even if it is just one spare baby or item a month that is put aside for it.

So are you ready to book, can you wait until the next show?

It was so much fun with alot of beautiful babies, why would anyone not want to.

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