When you buy your reborn what drives your purchase? What kind of reborn buyer are you? Do you look for anything in particular in your babies?

On the whole there are normally two kinds of people who buy reborns.


The collector, who will buy their reborns to display but not really play with.

For others it is all about the role play.

They love to treat the dolls as real babies, dressing, feeding, taking them out and generally acting like they are real.

Then you have others who like to do a little of both.

It’s not unheard of.

Some people like to display their babies most of the time.

But now and again they will role play a little.

Which type of reborn buyer are you?

Do you love the reborns just because they are cute.

Or do you buy your reborns because you want to treat it like a real baby?

I would love to hear which way you go with this.

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