For those who are considering becoming a Rose 2022 vendor, it’s not too late.

rose 2019

But you’ll want to act fast.

They sold out quickly.

There are currently 4 stalls and 7 tables available.

Rose will be the biggest next year.

There will be so many vendors out there, I can’t even imagine how many attendees there will be.

Rose has actually been one of the biggest social events in the Reborn community.

So it’s definitely not to be missed.

It’s easy to book a table on the Rose Doll Show website or contact them through the . group.

If you’ve been debating whether you should go, I’d say just do it.

This is a really fun event that will help more people understand who you are and what you sell.

So, before they’re completely sold out, head over to the site to check out their prices.