So I recently received my baby girl from Richell at Gemini Reborn Nursery.

The process was smooth and Richell was very helpful in processing the payment with me.

There was a small issue with the delivery, but between us we managed to get it sorted.

The baby is also amazing.

The paint job is amazing, with small scratch-like features on the face, which I feel contributes to the realism.

The body weight is just right for baby to be cute and feel real.

My kids are bald so I really can’t root from here.
But I do hope to buy from Gemini Reborn Nursery again in the future, and when I do it will be for a baby with hair. Then I can update it with that information.

Answer if I will buy from her again.

My answer is simple.


So if you want to get in touch with her, please link and any of the links below.



Tell her we sent you.

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