One of the most enjoyable things about this hobby is being able to share it with other people.

Through this hobby, I can say that it has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and make lifelong friendships as I know them.

So one way I share this hobby with my friends is through box swaps.

This is basically where each of us gets a similarly sized box, agrees on a budget, and fills it up with each other’s stuff.

Then, when the budget is reached or the box is full, whichever comes first, ship the box to someone else.

This was my first time changing boxes and I was both excited and nervous.

I’m excited because I can’t wait to see what’s in my box, but I’m nervous because I’m worried my friend won’t like what I’ve picked out for her.

I have a nose tip of my box and I have sent her a nose tip of my box.

So for you guys, here are the pictures.

This is the box I gave her.

This is the box she gave me.

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