When you think of people being scammed in the community you do not often think it can happen to artists.

But this idea is incorrect.


In fact artists an be scammed just as much as buyers.

You may wonder how an artist can be scammed.

Let me try to explain.

Many artists sell to people they do not personally know, either via ., ., Instagram etc.

When they do this there has to be a level of trust between artist and buyer.

To start with things may seem fine.

The buyer will pay for the baby and the artist will ship.


At times this can be where normal selling rules end.

What can happen next is one of two things.

Firstly the buyer could receive the baby but claim not to, then they would request a refund.

Secondly they will claim that the baby is not as described.

Again they would then request a refund.

Often they will be awarded this.

Meaning the artist is then losing the money for the baby, losing the baby itself and also losing any money for shipping.

This sort of behaviour is unexceptable.

It can mean artists are more unsure about selling to people they do not know.

It is a shame that this happens.

So please do not think that scamming only happens to buyers.

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