Babyclon has become something of a trigger topic.


So I decided to try and see it from both sides.

Now I know my own personal view on it and anyone that knows me knows what it is

But I wanted to be sure I had spoken with people on both sides of the scandal.

So why do some people hate Babyclon?

The answer is simple.

It is because they steal artists hard work and factory manufacture it.

They reproduce them and then sell them cheaper, robbing the artists of the sculpt and potential customers.


Now the question of why some people like Babyclon.

Well the most common answer I have been given is simple as well.

As in most things in life it comes down to money.

Some people want to own a reborn but do not have the money to buy from an artist.

They feel this is the only way they can own the kit they love especially if it is sold out.

Some people have also said that some artists will not work with them.

So it comes down to the cost really.

If people think they can get something cheaper most people will do so.

They do not take into account the damage each baby sold from babyclon has on an artist.

Or the fact that a babyclon baby isn’t actually a reborn.

If it has been made and painted in a factory to set specs that it isnt a reborn.

A reborn is a doll that has been hand painted by an individual not a machine.

With a reborn no two are identical.

So why do some people like Babyclon.

Price, pure and simple.

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