On our Youtube channels we often do a giveaway.

So for Augusts one we have decided to start it early.

This will be the last one we do for a little while, at least until we have caught up again with all outstanding prizes.


For this giveaway the prize will be for a reborn baby.

I will be doing an article soon showing pictures of the baby.

The ways to enter so far are simple.

First you have to be subscribed to Suzy G reborn nursery.


Also make sure you have subscribed to Reborn mummy.


This will be an international competition so it will not matter where you live as there will be no cost to you.

August giveaway

As the winner is choosen at random using a randomised comment picker there is only one official giveaway video.

This time it is on Suzy G.


So to take part in this all you have to do is keep an eye on both the channels.

You can also keep up to date with whats happening by joining the . group, our life with reborns.

To get there you can use the link below.


To see previous giveaways click the link below to see what we have been doing.


Good luck to you all.

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