This years much anticipated Rose Doll Show is now over, but has proved a huge success for both vendors and visitors.

A friendly atmosphere greeted you when you walked through the door, with everyone being open and kind to each other.

It resembled that of a family reunion, which I like to think that we are within this community.

Rose doll show 2017

The products on offer where simply stunning, and for those people that unfortunatly could not attend, such as myself, for what ever reason, it was definitely an event that was regretable to miss.

I am hoping to be able to attend next year and think that it would quite easily be the highlight of the year.

The products on offer ranged from babies to clothing to dragons.

There really was something for everyone.

But it was not only the products on offer that drew in the crowds, there was a hugely successful baby shower, which included games and prizes to win.

This was an event that had fun written all over it. Adults and children alike could let their hair down and just have enjoy themselves.

Furthermore were the classes that the show offered.

These classes were offered so that beginners or more advanced artists, that wanted to pratcise their skills, brush up and get some more tips and advice from some of the top reborn artists in the business could do so here.

When the event came to an end, it was with sorrow that both new and old friends alike said goodbye for now, but with the certain knowledge that this event would not be forgotten and that friendships forged would remain.

To read about one of the popular booths at the Rose Doll Show, and to read a personal message from the multi talented Susan Dizon please click the link provided below.


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