This beautiful baby is the Annie sculpt by Karola Wegerich.

This kit has a really sweet face which I think I will one day have to add to my own collection.

Personally I feel that this kit lends itself more to a girl than a boy.

As a girl I believe that a completed baby looks really sweet.

Annie sculpt by karola Wegerich

The kit itself measures 19 inches in length when completed, with a head circumferenece of 13 inches.

As it is an open eye kit you will need to purchase eyes separately, they will need to be the 20mm eyes size.

The arms and legs are both 3/4 so the doll will be posable and cuddly.

The soft doe body that is needed for Annie helps to create this feeling and gives you a really nice baby to hold.

This kit is produced in Germany in a Peach colored Vinyl.

Karola Wegerich has done a really good job of bringing this gorgeous baby very lifelike features..

Adding to the bond that is felt by each reborn parent.

If you like the open eyed babies, then why not have a look at some of the other open eyed baby kits that are available.

You can see another one using the link provided below.


To purchase this doll kit on the Macphersons website, please use the link below.


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