The Baby Li by Priscilla Lopes sculpt is out and we couldn’t be happier.

This long awaited kit has been well worth the wait.

The detail that has gone into creating this baby really does the sculper credit.

So much attention to detail was made that the reborn baby really does resemble the real life baby it was created after.

Baby Li by Priscilla Lopes

The Baby Li by Priscilla Lopes is no small kit.

With a completed length of 23-23.5 inches it really makes a chunky sided baby.

As this is an open eyed kit, you will also need to purchase a set of 20mm eyes.

As if this baby needed extra realisim, the kit has full arms and legs.

I always feel this adds a lot to the baby not to have the cloth body showing under clothing.

Baby Li by Priscilla Lopes

One amazing bonus of this particular kit is that the cloth body is actually included in the price of the kit.

When you purchase this kit you will also recieve a COA numbered first edition.

For the first edition the edition size is limited to only 1500 kits produced.

This amazing chubby boy, is stunning in detail and realism!

Baby Li by Priscilla Lopes

Currently the full price for this amazing kit is $119.99.

If you want to get your hands on this kit head over to Truborns using the link provided below.

Get this kit at Truborn

Baby Li by Priscilla Lopes

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