The Bellami by SAMANTHA GREGORY sculpt is a darling little kit.

Bellami by samantha gregory

This is one of those kits that I do feel lends itself more towards one gender than another.

In this case in my opinion Bellami by Samantha Gregory is best as a girl.

When completed the kit makes a 19 inch baby.

The limbs on this kit are full which makes it perfect for all those nappy pictures.

The full limbs kits can wearva larger choice of clothing as the cloth body is not as visable.

In this kit tge cloth body is actually included, which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Bellami by Samantha Gregory

As this baby is a sleeping baby, her eyes are closed, meaning you will not need to purchase any eyes for this baby.

What an adorable and unique expression! She is amazing! Soft neutral vinyl ready to paint!

The price to Pre-Order this stunning baby is $30.

The full price for this kit will be $99.99.

Bellami by Samantha Gregory

To buy this kit at Truborn, click here

Bellami by Samantha Gregory

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