Blair by Bonnie Sieben super sculpt is available to buy.

Super sculpt

Little Dreams Collection are excited to introduce the next Baby Doll Kit from the new LDC Soft Line vinyl.

Her/His name is MICAL she/he is sculpted by Bonnie Leah Sieben.

Super sculpt

Kits from this line are super soft to the touch and have the same visual appeal as silicone dolls.

They do however offer much more than your normal silicone.

Super sculpt

The arms, legs, and head are jointed.

You will have the freedom to pose your reborn baby any way you like.

Which makes this baby ideal for taking pictures with.

When you buy this kit it comes with the following.

full body
and internal connectors

Super sculpt

We recommend to use Heavy virgin fiber fill for stuffing the Torso & Head & Limbs

BLAIR is 20″ tall when completed with bent legs.

As Blair is an open eyed baby you will need a set of 20mm eyes.

Blair is currently priced at €118.31.

For more info on this baby, use the link provided below.

Blair information

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