With Doll shows becoming increasingly popular it made me wonder if anyone could do all three of these shows in one year.

doll shows

The Kansas Doll Show may have only been started this year, but that did not show in the way it was run.

With the show bring hugely successful I do not doubt that next year will be even better.

Doll shows

ID&TS may have been around longer and it is still as good as ever.

With regular people attending it has become a little family which is great.

Some of the people that attend this show do not go to the others.

doll shows

And then you have The Rose Doll Show, this show keeps growing and is one of the highlights of the year.

With its full on pace as soon as it begins you will not get bored.

So what do you think?

Would you or could you do all three events in one year?

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