Super talented reborn artist Bobbi Barfoot has had an amazing time at the rose doll show.

rose doll show

Bobbi took to social media to comment.

“I cannot believe how amazing this show has been so far!! ROSE show, you have outdone yourself. I sold ALL my babies today to some of the sweetest ladies ever and have had the best time meeting new friends and mingling with those I’ ve missed so much. Tomorrow I will be selling blank kits at my booth and look forward to seeing even more wonderful artists and collectors. ❤️?”

rose doll show

It will come as no surprise that all of her completed babies sold out within the first day of exhibiting.

rose doll show

Bobbis artwork is simply sensational.

She pays such close attention to detail and focuses on realisim.

The kits that are choosing are really adorable.

rose doll show

Personally I don’t know how she does it.

Her work is amazing even with what could be described as a crazy household to run as well.

She also runs a website called Truborns which as you may know I refer to in my posts where I can.

To visit her site use this link.

Truborns website.

Bobbi is some kind of wonderwoman.

If she wants to share her secret i’m all ears.

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