We are pleased to let you know that Bountiful Babies are soon to be releasing two more gorgeous baby sculpts.

These two angels made their debut at the Rose Doll Show and were a huge success.

Currently they are on sale on eBay. So if you loved these babies and want to welcome them into your home then please check out their auctions.

This is what Bountiful Babies have said.

” We have brand new Realborn® Twins Aspen and Leif prototypes on eBay! Some of you had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of our adorable custom prototypes at our ROSE booth (reborn by Alexa Calvo).

These two cuties are available on eBay, and they were reborn by the talented artist Severine Piret. Her auctions have about 3 days left, so check them out!”

Bountiful Babies

Aspen: .r…/jT2RNY

Leif: .r…/gLdbEn

To see other new releases from Bountiful Babies, please use the link below.


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