Today has been a silly sort of day in the nursery.

We spent the morning having a mini pyjamas party, which was so much fun.

We sang songs, read books and danced around.

When it was time for food we all had a big tummy time moment and everyone went on their belly.

Then one by one they were feed.

It was fun this way and there were smiles and laughter all round.

Nap time was a good time for me as it gave me some much needed relax time.

Being a full time mum to these lot can be hard work.

Late nights, disturbed nights, early mornings and no pause button makes me wonder sometimes how we do it all.

But it can sometimes be something as simple as a small smile which will then make it all worth it.

The tears, the fights, the endless washing, the changes and diapers sound familiar?

Summer tried to brush Auroras hair although it ended up with Aurora being hit on the head a few times.

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We sorted out some of the blankets and put the clean ones away.

Before they went to bed we put The Little Mermaid on for them.

That is one of Summers favourites and they all enjoyed watching it.

So of the babies fell asleep while it was on, so then had to be carried into bed.

reborn blogs

All in all it was a good day.

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