Today I decided to spend a little bit of time with the reborn babies.

I knew that it would really be the last chance I had to do so.

Taking some time to photograph and pack away all the clothing that I got with the babies I was so happy with it all.

It was hard knowing that I would have to pack them both back up again later that day.

But I know they will be safe and that I will one day be able to get my whole nursery collection in one place.

It has been really great to be able to spend these few days with the babies.

It has really helped me to be able to bond with the babies and try to get to know them.

It has made me determined to sort my nursery as soon as i can and get a place for them where they can look amazing

As well as a lot of cuddle time there has also been a lot of outfit changes and feeds.

They both seem to have settled well after their journey and it has been sad knowing that they will be packed away again.

Both babies are equally cuddly.

Lily weighs more than Elijah but both feel very real in your arms.

I will definitely be going out to buy Elijah his own clothing soon as I think he will be lots of fun to dress up.

So I am going to go now and enjoy my time with them before I have to put them away again.

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