I can not even tell you how excited I have been to get this reborn baby.

Also how hard it has been to keep this a secret.

But I now have my Nlovewithreborns2011 baby here.

Stephanie is amazing when it comes to painting.

reborn baby

To date I haven’t seen a baby that she has made that I do not like.

In fact it was her version of the Saskia kit that made me fall in love with the kit.

Needless to say I was extremely excited about getting my little one.

reborn baby

So about the actual box opening.

I was happy with how securely the baby was packed.

She was very well protected from harm.

The items she came with were just amazing.

reborn baby

She came with a lot of Carters clothing as Stephanie knows I love Carter’s.

There must be at least 10 different outfits here.

Each as cute as the next.

Also there were four Christmas pampers nappies.

reborn baby

I love love the blanket that she came in.

Its so soft and such a pretty colour.

The glitter accents on it just add extra glamour . It really is so cute.

reborn baby

Now the doll herself.

I first removed her little white shoes to find the sweetest curled toes.

The realism on them are truly stunning.

Then I removed her leggings and saw the shading and texture given to her legs.

She really does look like a real baby.

Her legs are perfect.

With expertly painted knees and toenails.

Moving up the body I got to her hands.

The way Stephanie has made the hands is so good

reborn baby

The outstretched fingers are just moveable and soft enough to make them seem real, like you can hold them.

Her arms are so dainty, the paintwork on them rivals that of her legs.

The realism hits you so much and if you did not know better you would truely believe she was real.

Now we get to her face.

What can I say about this little angel other than. Omg!

reborn baby

Her face is so perfect.

She is a sleeping baby.

With blond rooted hair.

I knew before I opened her that Stephanie was not feeling 100% happy with the hair.

She had contacted me previously about it and had kindly said that if I was not happy with the hair that I could return her and that she would fix it.

reborn baby

That just goes to show the kind and amazing person Stephanie is.

But honestly, there was zero reason to worry.

Her hair for me is perfect and there is no way I am going to change it.

reborn baby

I am now just staring at her whilst writing this as she is so sweet that I just want to look at her all the time.

So in conclusion.

Thank you so much Stephanie, she is stunning.

I am so glad that you had a custom spot open to me.

reborn baby

I am also happy to know that my faith in you in doing a mystery baby for you was so not misplaced.

Amazing job.

So if any one would like to support Nlovewithreborns2011 to grow please head on over to her Patreon using this link.


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