Since being announced, there has been so many questions about the DAU.

So I thought I would put some of the most commonly asked questions in one place for you.

So here are eight of the questions that have been asked complete with full answers.



The term “Union” is used, is this a Labor Union?

We chose the term “Union” because it joins the industry together as a unified voice.

Because our industry is a global industry, there is no governing body to oversee international unions.

As such, our industry is not held to standards and bylaws set by the governing body of one country.

American Labor Unions operate in a particular manor, with guidelines and oversight that is both good and bad.

While this may be effective for an American Union, that is not necessarily the case for an international industry.

Instead of adhering to someone else’s view of how our industry should be ran, and the bureaucracy that can cause issues, we decided that we will Unify under the term Union in accordance with the broad scope of what we hope to accomplish within the industry.

In short, this is NOT a labor union.

This is a United Industry standing together to have a single point of contact for bigger issues; such was the case when the reborn industry was attacked in 2022-2022.

In this instance, four individuals lead the charge for the good of the entire industry.

Each person within the Reborn community benefited from the actions of a single point of contact.

In addition, having a Unified Industry allows us to vote on complex issues, have a voice for each region and a contact person to speak on your behalf, and offers a larger platform when negotiating deals that benefit the industry.


Is it true you’re changing your name from Doll Artists Union to Doll Artists United?

Yes, this is absolutely true! And for good reason.

When we developed the Doll Artists Union, the goal was simple; to Unite the Doll Artists from around the globe under a single banner.

It’s because this is a global Union that we revised our name…

Union doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing around the world.

In many cultures, Unions are looked upon negatively. This is the exact opposite of what we designed this to be.

Because our goal is to Unite the Doll Artists around the world, that is exactly what we have chosen to truly represent our vision.

Thus, we have officially changed our name from Doll Artists Union to Doll Artists United…same organization, with a clearer message.


Where exactly is the “membership money” used?

Of all the questions we have received, this is the most common and frankly, the most baffling.

When you purchase a product or service, your focus should be “Is this product/service’s cost worth the return benefit?”…NOT…”

Well, I want to know where every penny goes and what the employees make”

Frankly, that is a bit insulting and would never fly in another industry.

McDonald’s is not going to give you their cost breakdown and encourage competition after having taken all the time and energy to develop their business.

However, in an act of transparency, we will lay out a few of the costs involved.

The membership dues were calculated to offset the cost of operating such a massive undertaking, allowing for growth and upkeep.

All businesses have overhead costs; the Doll Artists Union is not the exception.

An industry operates under “Free Enterprise” which allows an individual’s efforts to be rewarded.

There are those that believe operating such a massive project, the time and energy involved, and the creation of an entire company, should be done for free!

Well that is called slavery and it is illegal.

Each and every one of those who have devoted time to this project, pulling time away from their families, and combining their collective energy and efforts, should be compensated.

Below are just some of the costs associated with running this company:

Programmers/web developers

Merchant Access Program

Legal Fund

State Filing Costs, Taxes, etc.

Industry-wide Advertising

Awards Cost

Black Tie Gala and Catering Services

Payroll and Employment costs

Scam Protection Reimbursement Fund

Server costs and upkeep

Union ID Card costs

printing, shipping, labeling

Office Space/Overhead

Industry Expansion Initiative

DAU Referral Program Costs
…. Just to name a few

There is a significant amount of cost involved with running this organization and the rewards, benefits, and discounts offered to our members reflect that.

As we continue to grow, and are able to negotiate deals based on volume; our goal is to lower membership fees so our members receive more benefits at less cost.


What is the Goal of the Union?

First and foremost, the main goal is to unite a global industry.

By coming together under a single banner, the Doll Arts community is afforded a much larger voice. Industry-wide issues can be solved by having the collective agreement of the industry.

Volume equals strength.

By banding together, we can pool resources to offer the community a broader market; our advisory board can meet to discuss complex issues, and the negative aspects of the industry can be subjugated by unified agreement.

On top of all this, we can expand the marketplace as a whole, bringing on new buyers and a completely new market.

Our goal is simple, to make the Doll Arts Community a safe and positive place for all….to offer benefits to all artists and collectors…to offer the works of the world’s most talented artists, to an audience that, otherwise, would have never been opened.


Who is running the Union?

Given that the Union is the collective build of a team of talented businesspersons, their lead developer heads the surge.

Rory Larkin Lovern is sitting Chairman of the Doll Artists Union. Son of Lisa Farmer Lovern (professional Reborn Artist), Larkin was raised within the community.

Being exposed to the Doll Community from a very early age, Larkin was offered a unique perspective that gave him insight into a very diverse industry.

A talented artist himself, Larkin has been involved in sculpting, reborning, and the production side of the industry.

Larkin has been an entrepreneur since a very early age, heading his own initiatives as well as leading several companies to profitable earnings.

Currently, he operates within the business consulting industry as well as being a professional speaker helping with neurological diseases.

In addition, the Doll Artists Union will seat an Advisory Board (currently being filled).

The board is made up of a diverse group of individuals from each medium of doll production, as well as influencers within the space.

This allows for a broader perspective and a non-bias leadership.


Can collectors join the Doll Artists Union?

YES! We are developing a portal specifically for collectors, which will have relevant discounts: benefits, valuable information, how-to’s, tips and tricks, and more.

Will the membership price be the same?

NO. Collectors will be given specific benefits and discounts that differ from the Artists, and the price will reflect that.

In addition, there will be a direct sales page for Collectors to purchase the works of our Artists.


Is this a discount club?

No. While we do offer huge discounts & perks to our members, this is much more than a place to save money, it’s a singular point of Unity that works on behalf of the industry to ensure the absolute best future for Doll Artists around the world !

We offer discounts because you deserve them!

We will be developing ad campaigns to educate the public about Doll Artistry as a whole, bringing MORE customers to artists, producers and sculptors.

There is a huge population that has never heard of our industry, and many that are lacking the true education of what Doll Artistry truly is.

We will be working to battle counterfeits, giving money back into the industry, and even employing some of the industry members!


How does the referral program work?

SIMPLE….refer a friend, we send you $50! Refer a few friends, and your membership is PAID FOR.

Refer a few more, and not only is your membership paid for, but you are getting money!

Save it for a show, buy some supplies, whatever you like.

The person that refers you, must remain a member past the refund period, and then you will be sent your funds through paypal.

Note: If multiple people sign up under you and cancel, you will no longer be eligible for the program. We have to be honest here friends.

So there it is. That is eight of the most common questions asked so far by people.

Any other questions you have please leave in the comments and I will try and get some answers for you.

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