Mystery Kit Club.

I love that someone brings something interesting to the community.

If it saves us money, so much the better.

So when I heard about the Mystery Kit Club, you can bet I was excited.

So I went to this website, which you can access via this link.

Mystery Kit Club link.

I am very happy with my discovery.

Excitement, fun, surprises and money-saving opportunities all rolled into one.

If you know me, then you know it’s impossible for me not to be involved.

So how does it work?

Well, you pay the franchise fee, and if you can’t afford it all at once, you have the opportunity to pay in monthly installments, and I think the genius behind this has provided a great service.

No one feels like they can’t afford to become a member.

For just $12 a month, anyone can participate.

There are two types of memberships.

MEMBERSHIP #1 is a kit per year for $74.99

Member #2 buys two kits per year for $139.98

There will be 2 or 3 kits sent by renowned sculptors throughout the year.

These kits will be yours to respawn.

These kits can also be made specifically for this club.

So you have a chance to get a very unique kit

The club itself is also made up of friends and people like you who love the hobby and derive joy from the simple pastime with rebirth.

In order for the club to exist, a minimum number of members is required, and I have no doubt that this number will be reached and that the club will be a huge success.

To explain more how it works, I’ve included some quotes from the site itself.

“Who likes surprises?

If you like top quality kits from top artists and you like surprises…this is the place for you! Who doesn’t love the rush of getting a surprise in the mail! ? Members will receive 1 or 2 blank vinyl kits per year, depending on the membership selected (each valued at $99.99 or more), made by top artists. These are exclusive kits only available to members here. You will know the artist’s name but not the kit until the prototype is complete and the kit is complete. There will be surprises! ! ! Get exclusive kits from your favorite artists at amazing prices! Amazing deal on limited edition kits! ! ! ! “

To learn more about the site, I visited the “About Us” section of the site.

“Mystery Kit Club is where artists go to buy top jerseys from the world’s top artists for less than retail! The kits produced for MKC are limited edition kits for members only. You can choose from 2 memberships .. 1 set per year, or 2 sets per year. Additional savings when you buy 2 sets per year, and when members reach 500, the next year’s member price will be an additional $5 off. We’ve been making kits for nearly 10 years and the quality is amazing Wow. Kits will vary by preterm and newborn size, but not miniature or toddler.”

Curious about your first kit?

Well, here’s what we know so far

“We must have at least 100 members to move forward with the first production, which is a PRISCILLA LOPES KIT!!! OUTSTANDING ARTIST’S KIT WORTH OVER $100. If there are not enough members, production will go on the regular route and start with Sold at retail price. Why not save it?”

I really like this site because it’s so easy to use and navigate, even for the less tech savvy like us.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and you won’t be disappointed.

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