I have been eagerly waiting for this baby ever since I ordered her, which seems like so long ago, but really it wasn’t that long.

Stephanies’ babies are amazing and I have fallen in love with quite a few that she has made.

This baby to me was to be extra special.

As such I did something I have never done before.


I asked Stephanie to make her a surprise custom.

Which meant that I had no clue what kind of baby I would be getting.

I requested that the kit, the gender, hair every detail be hidden from me just as it would be for any expectant parent.

During our conversations the gender was slipped but I didn’t mind as some parents do find out the sex of their baby prior to the birth.


So during the process Stephanie was very easy to get in touch with and remained communicative which was great.

There was no rush or time limit put on for this baby as I wanted Stephanie to feel relaxed to do the baby in her own time her own way.

I hope that at no point did she feel any pressure from me to get this baby made.

As for the delivery, well i couldn’t fault it.

The baby arrived securely packed. The import charge was very reasonable, I would dare say cheap and I was happy with it.

The box was not dented or damaged at all.

Upon opening the box I must confess that my eyes were automatically drawn to the beautiful glittery blanket.

But I resisted going straight for that.

Instead I opened all the items that came with her.

The clothing was stunning!

I was amazed at just how spot on Stephanie got her choices of clothing for me.

I was excited at how much fun i am going to have trying all this on the little princess.

The baby herself is the Americus sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles.


I did request rooting and love the hair colour that she was given.

Her face is really sweet and she has been painted so beautifully.

I was so happy that i trusted Stephanie with this, I have really not been let down.

The limbs have all been painted with the same stunning quality as the face and even the smaller creases have been given the care and attention that show the mark of an amazing artist.

So would I buy from Nlovewithreborns2011 again?

The answer is a huge yes, if she will allow me of course.

So I want to say a huge thank you to Stephanie for all the love and care that she has put into my gorgeous baby.

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