Ok so one of my favourite parts of this hobby, it’s no wonder that I hit the shops as soon as I am back in UK.

The clothing availablereborn baby shopping in the UK is amazing.

I never fail to find many items that I want the struggle is always knowing which items I should get.

As always after I leave there are some items that I wish I had been able to get.

But my baby clothing collection is growing.

I do however seem to have a distinct difference between the amount if boys clothes I have to the amount of girl clothing.

I blame that on the fact that I currently have many more girl babies than boys.

A problem that at some point I plan to correct.

I went into several shops that I knew had baby clothing that I love, Asda, Primark and Next to name a few.

I was not disappointed.

But then if I am honest I didn’t think that I would be.

Now if you are a member of either my . group or my Instagram you would undoubtedly have seen some of the photos that I had posted whilst I was away from inside the shops.

Or maybe you have already seen some of the video that I took from the shops.


Whilst there I also picked out the prize for the Xmas giveaway winner.

I am so happy to tell you that she loved the outfit.

It must look strange though to most people that I am standing in the middle of the shop taking photos of the clothes and videos.

Oh well.

I will continue doing it.

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