Following the Rose Doll Show a big announcement was made.

Which was the creation of the Doll Artist Union.

But the name union can be confusing, does this mean that before you can sell any dolls you make that you have to join?

Is there a fee for joining? If so what benefits do you get for that?

Will you be protected by being in the Union from any customers that do not pay?

I will be very interested to know what any of you know about it.

Plus I will also be trying to get a quote from the person behind the idea to help explain it all in detail for those of us that could not attend.

So to clarify this I got in touch with the man in charge of this idea.

He has kindly agreed for me to release a statement clearing up all the questions you may have.

I must confess that after speaking with him I personally feel that the reasons behind the union are just and that instead of it seeming like someway for a company to make money, which in all honesty is what I thought in the very beginning, the concept was in fact born out of a very caring individual who took a concept and made it into what it is today.

So here for you all to read is the official statement from the DAU along which includes some exclusive news.

” The Doll Artists Union (DAU) was created, primarily, out of necessity. I grew up within the Doll

My mother, Lisa Farmer Lovern, has been a master artist in a variety of mediums and it was through the Reborn community that I truly gained an appreciation for the Doll Arts.

The DAU was conceptualized by myself and a team of talented businesspersons, all of whom have worked with me on a variety of other projects. We all came together with an end goal, “How can we
bring the doll community closer and expand the art form for others to enjoy?”.

After many sessions, meetings, and mock-ups, we reached an ideal solution…Unite.

It’s the basic principal that many are stronger than one, and by bringing everyone to a centralized location, we can tackle the bigger issues plaguing the industry, such as counterfeits flooding the market:

the trademark issue of 2022-2022, the triple-beam imbalance of artists to buyers, negative influence
and cyber bullying on artists, the rising cost of materials, and the separation that has formed through
clique-grouping, worldwide.

Unification, enjoyment of the art form, and expansion of the market…this is the goal of the Union.

I wanted to address something that has become a talking point, and something that the Union was created in an effort to stop…cyber bullying/cyber stalking.

It first came to my attention that this was an issue when someone close to me was the target of viscous attacks perpetrated by particular members of
the doll community.

After listening to several members around the world, it became much more
apparent that this is a growing issue throughout the community.

Mere hours after launching the Doll Union, we found ourselves on the receiving end of a malicious attack.

A private message was created and sent to members of the doll community in an effort to dissuade individuals from unionizing.

I’m sitting there reading lie after lie, not 24 hours after launching the Union, and an all-to-familiar feeling comes over me –in business, the creation of a new concept has two outcomes; either people love it, or it is instantly attacked. Arthur Schopenhauer said this “All truth
passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” I think in today’s society we can adapt that to “any new ideas”.

This is new, and therefore it can be scary…but the sole purpose for the existence of the Doll Union is to provide our members with benefits, safety, discounts, community, and opportunities for growth! The Doll
Community deserves this.

To conclude on my previous statement, the thing about cyber-bullies is this…they believe they are safe behind their computer screens.

They believe they can wreck people’s lives without any recourse, and,
because they are hidden behind a monitor that nothing can be done….this is false.

Cyber ​​Stalking/Cyber ​​Bullying is a federal crime, and those responsible for the malicious attacks on our community will face criminal prosecution.

The Doll Community should be, and will be, a safe place for everyone who wishes
to enjoy it, and one of our primary focuses is going after cyber stalkers with the full force of all our resources…of which we have many.

Our community deserves all the enjoyment that comes with unification.

It is our goal and my pleasure to
help be part of a positive movement that drowns out the negativity and unites the world. Of course, no one gets it 100% right straight out of the gate, but that is where the community comes in; their voice and ideas can help us reach new heights! As is the suggestion of many around the world for  …..

Starting August 1st, we will officially be changing our name to Doll Artists United!

The term union doesn’t mean the same in ever country and region of the world.

It may have negative undertones in some regions that aren’t recieved the way we intended… The Doll World’s voice matters, and because they spoke, we listened….. so we are pleased to present Doll Artists United!

Rory Larkin Lovern

Chairman Of Dolls Artists United

I hope that this helps everyone understand the reason why this has been set up and to appreciate that it is solely to help and benefit everyone.

Any further questions or queries can be sent directly to the Dolls Artists United using the link provided below.


Also for any more information and to keep up to date with what is going on you can go to the Doll Artists United website using the link provided.


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